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Q11. A technician is concerned about memory data corruption in a server. Which of the following memory types should be considered?

A. Static


C. Dynamic


Answer: D

Q12. An administrator is securing a secure web server by disabling ports. After completing this process, clients cannot access the secure web server. The administrator should now go back and verify whether which of the following ports is enabled?

A. 23

B. 389

C. 443

D. 445

Answer: C

Q13. When using multifactor authentication, which of the following represents “something you have”?

A. A password


C. A fingerprint

D. An ID card

Answer: D

Q14. A blade server chassis has two power supplies. Which of the following is a benefit of a technician connecting each power supply to a separate UPS unit?

A. Quality of service

B. Fault tolerance

C. Traffic shaping

D. Load balancing

Answer: B

Q15. A technician is backing up 10 GB of data on a file server to a 250 GBexternal USB hard drive. After 4 GBhasbeenbackedup, thesoftwaregenerates an errorthat the size of thebackup exceeds the file limit.Which of the following file system types is being used?

A. FAT32




Answer: A

Q16. Which of the following protocols can be used to query for host, user, and group information for clients?






Answer: A

Q17. Which of the following is a reason to have a remote cold site readily available in case of a disaster in the primary datacenter?

A. It provides a company with a redundant location that mirrors the primary datacenter hardware but requires no data restoration.

B. It provides a company with a backup location to install the necessary equipment to restore critical services.

C. It provides a company with a backup location equipped with resources necessary for immediate restoration of critical services.

D. It provides a company with a redundant location that mirrors the primary datacenter hardware and data.

Answer: B

Q18. Which of the following factors would cause a technician to select a hard drive over an SSD as a primary storage medium?

A. Speed

B. Power consumption

C. Form factor

D. Cost

Answer: D

Q19. A server administrator is creating a design for a new datacenter. The servers should be configured for maximum availability and also provide caching for user information requests. Which of the following techniques should be used?

A. Active/Passive

B. Round robin

C. Heartbeat

D. Active/Active

E. Passive/Passive

Answer: D

Q20. A network administrator is installing additional devices on the network. Currently, the network segment is utilizing all allocated IP addresses. If there are additional addresses available, which of the following would be BEST for the network administrator to perform to accommodate the new network devices?

A. Create a new DHCP scope for the network segment in question.

B. Configure the DHCP server for IPv6.

C. Configure the network to use NAT for the network segment in question.

D. Increase the size of the DHCP scope for the network segment in question.

Answer: D