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Q11. Which option best describes the limitation of a client that is attempting to manage a WLC while using the client wireless adapter connection to the wireless infrastructure? 

A. Controllers must be managed using only secure protocols (that is, SSH and HTTPS), not nonsecure protocols (that is, HTTP and Telnet). 

B. Read-write access is not available; only read-only access is supported. 

C. Uploads and downloads from the controller are not allowed. 

D. Wireless clients can manage other controllers, but not the same controller and the AP to which the client is associated. 


Q12. A network engineer is connected via wireless to a Cisco AireOS WLC and wants to download the configuration but is unable to do so. Which change will correct the issue? 

A. enable management via wireless 

B. connect via wired network 

C. enable Telnet 

D. enable WebAuth SecureWeb 

E. connect on 5-GHz SSID 


Q13. Which CAPWAP AP management-access method is available as the default setting? 

A. only the console port 

B. the console port and SSH 

C. the console port, SSH, and HTTPS 

D. SSH only 




Q15. After installing a Cisco 5508 Wireless Controller using the default settings, how often will the RRM update occur? 

A. 30 seconds 

B. 60 seconds 

C. 300 seconds 

D. 600 seconds 

E. 3600 seconds 

F. 7200 seconds 


Q16. An engineer wants to deploy a 2504 controller as the anchor controller for a guest WLAN that resides on a 5508 controller in a different mobility group. What configuration change must be applied to support this deployment strategy? 

A. UDP 16666 and IP Protocol 97 must be enabled on the 2504 controller 

B. UDP 5246 and TCP Protocol 97 must be enabled on the router 

C. The 2504 controller must be added to the same mobility group as the 5508. 

D. DHCP Option 43 must be added to the neighboring switchport 


Q17. Which two principles must be considered when deploying a wireless network through a wooded area? (Choose two.) 

A. absorption 

B. reflection 

C. diffraction 

D. scattering 

E. refraction 

Answer: A,D 

Q18. What are three characteristics of WCS? (Choose three.) 

A. based on a single server licensing system 

B. used for wireless planning 

C. used for real-time tracking of multiple clients 

D. used for wireless management 

E. used for RF fingerprinting 

F. based on a per server licensing system 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q19. What suite of algorithms results in slower connection rates when using 802.11N technology? 

A. WPA2 





Q20. Which type of authentication is used initially by a controller-based AP so that a guest client can get an IP address? 

A. 802.1x 



D. open authentication